Logging in may be required before you can submit or view work items; the Log In dialog may include:
- A Register option to enter your contact information and set up a login. (Note that the login password field is case sensitive.)

- A Forgot Password link to enter your email address; an email will be sent with your login and a link for resetting your password.

- A Remember Me option which places a cookie on your system; it is valid for 30 days.

After logging in:
- An Account Settings icon will appear in the upper right corner for setting your avatar, password, time zone and default follow option, as well as removing saved searches, linking an account for authenticating automatically via Facebook or LinkedIn, and removing followed knowledge entries. Use the Notifications section to configure update notifications to be sent via email, SMS, and/or Twitter direct message (if configured). The Default check boxes will populate the work item notification settings; you can prevent all email notifications by deselecting Default under Email Settings, or prevent email notifications for a work item by deselecting Email via the Notifications button in a work item. Note that one notification option must be enabled.

- An Add + tab may appear for adding dashboards and components. After entering the name, your dashboard will appear; drag feature components from the Designer list onto it. A Settings dialog will appear with applicable feature and component options; use the gear icon in the component header to redisplay the Settings dialog after finishing. Note that discussion feeds include features accessed via the header; see the Discussion Feeds section below. Use the Row and Column icons in the upper right corner to add rows and columns, and be sure to save your dashboard via the Save icon on the tab. Use the Edit icon on the tab to rename or modify your dashboard.

After submitting an incident or change, a dialog will appear with a reference number and notification options; use the check boxes to enable or disable notifications for the item. One notification option must be enabled. You can configure defaults for your notification settings via Account Settings.

Work item feeds only display items after authentication. If a search bar is configured, you can search for a phrase by surrounding text with quotation marks. Click the gear icon to perform an advanced search or save your search text for a custom feed:
- For advanced searches, use the Filters section to refine a search by selecting a field, comparison method (Or or Not), and value applicable to the selected field. Use the Add Condition and Remove Condition icons for each condition line, and the Add Condition Group icon to enable a set of conditions to be executed together in a group.

- Saved searches will appear under My Saved Searches at the top of the navigator; you can delete saved searches via Account Settings. An RSS Feed icon will appear after a custom feed is created for subscribing to receive notifications when the contents of a custom feed change.

For feeds accessed via a navigator link, you can use the Export icon to export selected fields to a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values (.csv) file.

If you have logged in, discussion feeds with a header will include the following:
- A discussion digest icon for subscribing to an email regarding news feed activity that can be sent daily or weekly.

- A View My Posts Only icon for restricting the posts in the feed to only those you have created.

- Auto Refresh On and Off icons that will start and stop automatic refresh of a news feed. The pause will be released when you manually refresh the component, create a post, or reload the page.

Individual posts will include:
- Like/Unlike icons

- A Follow This Post icon which enables an email notification to be sent to you when someone replies to the post.

- A Share This Post icon which enables you to email the post. Your email client will appear with a link to the post and the post content.

- If a Follow option is enabled, you can follow: a knowledge entry to display it in the Global News Feed when updates occur, an author to display any entries created by the author in the Global News Feed, and/or a category to display any entries with the same category in the Global News Feed. You can display (and delete if needed) the items you are following via Account Settings.

- If configured, you can add comments to a knowledge entry via Facebook or a discussion feed. Authentication is required in order to post a comment, and discussion posts aren’t included in history. You can also add feedback by registering a "Like" if you are logged in. The number of likes can be configured to appear in the Knowledge Entry screen as well as in news feeds.